Watercolor painting


Watercolor workshop "Travel in the summer"

Акварельная живопись

Lesson type: Lesson video

Genre: Пейзаж, Натюрморт

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Lesson type: Paid
Course Description

After passing this master class, you will learn how to draw impressions, sensations that the artist visits in moments of inspiration.

In 4 lessons you will learn the principles of working with perspective, the nuances of the image of architecture, the secrets of working with spots, lights and shadows, with detailed comments by the wizard. 

The talented artist Nadja Leutloff will gladly share her knowledge, tell about the impressions that she received during her travels, explain the algorithm of actions necessary for writing luminous, holistic, colorful works.

Together with the artist you will make a small miracle! A white sheet of paper, with due diligence, will turn into a bright, sunlit summer day.

Be diligent, attentive and success will not take long!