«The era of humanism. Is there any humanism ???»

It is, probably, no secret to anyone that the era in which you and I were born, in which our childhood passed, our youth and maturity crept in, is commonly called "the era of humanism". Is that so? Does the name match the essence? Does humanism find a real reflection in our daily lives, in our work, hobbies, and creativity? In our views on the world and attitude towards others?

Humanism suggests that everything that humanity possesses, everything that we've created and learned, all science, culture and art, should be addressed to the man.

It should give an understanding of the uniqueness, individuality and originality of each of us.

It should contribute to spiritual, creative and intellectual fulfillment and growth. And absolutely any person, regardless of what he produces during his life, can become a source of such content for those around him.

It can give this world a little more than a dull everyday consumer interest.


All the inhabitants of this beautiful planet have at least a day, every day of our life, to create it according to their own understanding, to love this world in their own way, as only he knows how. How inspired painters loved this world, laying a piece of their soul in their canvases. How great musicians gave their love to the world, creating imperishable works. How ingenious poets weaved syllables and lines, causing a response in the hearts of their fans. They all became idols because they sincerely and passionately gave their love to all of us.

Ask yourself a question:

 - What are you, what exactly are you sharing with this world?

 - What is so unique that you bring into your life and into the life of your loved ones? What is your passion, your gift, your talent?

“By what means do you love and fill this world?”

I dare to suggest that since you are reading this article, you are not indifferent to creativity. Namely, fine art or painting.


The project art community "Life-in-Colors" was created with the aim of gathering in one place all those who care about fine art.

We unite on one platform all the creative, talented, passionate artists, both beginners and those who have long been sharing their love for the world through their paintings. Like pearl hunters dive into the azure of the ocean to pull to the surface and show the world the works of nature itself. We will find such pearls among you. We will diligently seek and invite those who are ready to share their talent with the world. We are glad to welcome everyone who is ready to study, try, and grow. We are glad to welcome everyone who is willing to share knowledge, discover the secrets of their skills, share experiences. We are pleased to welcome those who are ready to give inspiration with their work, their master classes, their lessons. We firmly believe that all of you have something to share with others. And if until this moment your work pleased only your loved ones, now it is time to show yourself to the world. The time has come to gain courage and determination, to believe in yourself. Make the necessary efforts in training and developing skills. We will be happy to help you with this.