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We are witnessing a unique moment. Thanks to the development and ubiquity of Internet technologies, thanks to the vast experience gained by manufacturers of art paints and brushes, thanks to a wide selection of watercolor paper. We can observe the formation of new masters of watercolor painting, we can see how the style, palette, direction are changing, skills called talent are honed.

Most importantly, we can learn from those who are willing to share their knowledge, who are willing to talk about their experiences, and provide valuable advice for everyone who wants to learn.

The art community team “Life in Colors” hopes that one day, you will come to us not as a student, but as a master, mentor, creative person, ready to share your experience, knowledge, secrets, colors of life. And you will find your followers among those who are just starting their journey.


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Надя Лойтлофф / Nadja Leutloff


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